EasyBurst® Chewable Softgels


EasyBurst Group

With over 80 years as a leading innovator of softgel technology, we have a strong track record in softgel development, delivery and supply to the global Consumer Nutritional Supplement industry. EasyBurst® chewable technology is an ideal platform to deliver active ingredients, without the need for water, using our advanced taste masked fills encapsulated in our proprietary softgel shells.  Our expertise helps brands expand their portfolio into new dosage forms that are convenient to use, full of great flavor and may offer higher efficacy than other confectionary forms.

EasyBurst® Capsules' Advantages
  • Organoleptic: Easily ruptured and readily swallowable; dissolves rapidly, leaving a good mouth feel.
  • Formulation: Able to accommodate a wide range of flavors and sweeteners in shell and fill; physical stability across a range of temperature and humidity levels.
  • Manufacturing: Structural robustness following softgel formation and during drying; non-sticky.
  • Modified shell: Proprietary shell mass technology that balances organoleptics and stability.
  • Fill formulation texture & sweetness: Carefully selected excipients provide a supporting structure and sweetener system to carry the API and flavoring.
  • Flavor system expertise: Ability to select the right gelatin-compatible
EasyBurst® Capsules' Consumer Benefits
  • Easy to take: Convenient, portable delivery form gives consumers the flexibility to chew without the need for water—any time or place.

    Graphic Caps

  • Taste & flavor: Our wide experience in taste masking with difficult ingredients, such as Omega-3s, enables us to flavor a wide range of actives and formulations with superior taste profiles while minimizing negative aftertastes.
  • Texture & form: A wide range of fill textures, varying from thicker fondant paste to thinner formulations, gives consumers the optimal texture and mouthfeel for an enjoyable experience.
  • Thinner shell: Newly developed chewable technology improves the dissolution of the shell in the mouth for enjoyable consumer experiences.
  • Product differentiation: A wide range of custom shapes, colors and premium in-line printing with our patented Graphicaps™ technology helps differentiate your product from other brands.
Consumer Preferred Solutions

Differentiate your brand with our innovative chewable technology that helps deliver your product’s active ingredients in a fast, convenient, enjoyable form that your consumers want. EasyBurst® chewable capsules are well-suited for consumers who want portable, convenient products or have difficulty swallowing such as children, adolescents and older consumers. 


EasyBurst® chewable capsules are also an optimal solution for the Supplement category, including: 

  • Omega-3’s
  • Multivitamins
  • Letters & Minerals
  • Combinations Supplements
  • Herbal Extracts

All of our sites are subject to annual review so we can remain in compliance with cGMP, FDA, EMA, and locally accreditation softgel facilities.