Vegicaps® Capsules


21c-GELS-S-Catalent-0134-F v2

As a leading innovator of softgel technology, we’ve developed a plant-based softgel capsule for consumers seeking an animal free alternative to gelatin capsules.  Vegicaps® capsules are an all-natural, GMO free, plant-based shell, free from animal derivatives, gluten, and modified sugars. The natural plant derived shell formulation may be an optimal solution for your challenging formulations and offers the capability to handle a wider range of for healthy lifestyles compounds, especially those with higher melting points.

Vegicaps® Capsule Technical Advantages  
  • Plant based shell solves complex development and formulation challenges 
  • Helps improve bioavailability of poorly water-soluble and poorly permeable compounds
  • Enhances dose uniformity of your potent compounds
  • Encapsulation of higher temperature fill formulations
  • Higher pH fill formulations
  • Wider range of compatible fill excipients
  • Enhanced stability for sensitive actives with higher water content 
  • Safe and tamper evident 
Vegicaps®  Capsules Consumer Benefits 
  • All Natural, GMO free, plant-based shell free of all animal derivatives
  • Appropriate for consumers seeking all natural products to fit their healthy lifestyles
  • Plant based shell, well suited for consumers with dietary and religious or cultural restrictions
  • Gluten free and Sugar free  
  • Easy to swallow softgels for improved consumer compliance 
  • Versatile softgel options available in variety of colors, shapes, sizes, and clarity
  • Odor and taste free
Catalent Development Expertise 
  • Preformulation and feasibility studies
  • Solubility screening of NCEs
  • Softgel capsule fill formulation development 
  • Small-scale lab encapsulation for providing early stability data and final formulation selection 
  • Shell development 
    • An extensive shell library, which enables us to offer a wide variety of options for a range of products 
    • A large range of shell formula possibilities and compatibility concerns
  • IP (intellectual property) positions including fill formulations for improved bioavailability
  • Extensive technical support in softgel capsule product development
    • Self-emulsifying/micro emulsion vehicle systems
    • Unique formulations leading to patentable line extensions 
  • Reliable supply from clinical phases to commercial manufacturing
  • Contingency planning and quality assurance via our large global network

All of our sites are subject to annual review so we can remain in compliance with cGMP, FDA, EMA, and locally accredited softgel facilities.