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2018 Omega-3 Market Trends And New-to-Market Solutions

Summary: Formulators are developing condition-specific omega-3 combination supplements to address some of today’s most significant emerging health concerns–for example, the damaging effects of blue light to our eyes from the use of mobile devices, the progression of cognitive decline in more than 16 million Americans, and severe joint pain reports from over 15 million U.S. adults1,2.

In this webcast, get an update on the omega-3 market and evolving trends, including growing emphasis on concentrated formulations plus emerging new sources of omega-3, as well as country-specific consumer preferences. This webcast will also present a range of new-to-market proprietary formulas backed by science that specifically address eye health, cognitive function, and joint-support need states.

Join this webcast to learn how these consumer insights and innovative formulations can help drive your brand growth and market share.

Click here to view webinar.