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An optigel pill with an hour glass next to it

OptiGel® DR Softgel Technology

OptiGel® DR is a softgel technology that is formulated with the naturally derived polymer pectin which combines with gelatin to deliver an enteric release profile in a single-step manufacturing process without the need for coating.

Graphic indicating that OptiGel DR is created by a combination of Pectin and Gelatin

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  • Pectin and gelatin interact to form complex coacervates through covalent bonding
  • The pectin/gelatin interaction is responsible for the enteric/delayed release properties of pectin Softgel capsules in acidic pH conditions

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  • Utilizes pectin, a biopolymer derived from fruits and vegetables
  • Shell retains integrity in low pH environments such as the stomach
  • Enteric release profile can be delivered without a separate coating step
  • Enteric profile can be easily modified
  • Capsule shell is clear and smooth
  • Compatible with all ingredients suitable for gelatin softgels and potential more

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  • Protects acid sensitive ingredients from degradation in the stomach
  • May eliminate reflux and negative aftertaste from odiferous oils (e.g. fish, garlic, etc)
  • Product friendly manufacturing process unlike coated softgels which expose the active to high temperature and humidity that can degrade the active
  • Expands formulation capabilities vs coated softgels by removing heat degradation concerns
  • Improves quality by eliminating flaking and cracking that nullify enteric properties of coated softgels
  • Meets consumer expectations of softgels with smooth, easy to swallow capsules
  • Shell can be crystal clear or opacified, colored, and is in-line printing compatible
  • Pectin is a naturally derived GRAS and IID-listed ingredient

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OptiGel DR is the latest technology from Catalent RP Scherer® Softgel – the inventors and innovators of softgel technology. We are ready to offer OptiGel DR from the facilities below to help you develop new and exciting products and bring them to market faster.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.