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FlexDose℠ Stick Pack Development Services


Stick Packs are the ideal packaging solution for a wide range of powder, granule, liquid and gel formulations. They provide a convenient, portable unit-dose solution for prescription and over-the-counter (OTC) medicines, as well as nutritional supplements. Stick Pack formulations also offer an innovative, hygienic way to extend tablet and capsule product lines.

Stick packs offer many advantages over traditional solid oral dose forms, including:

  • Flexible & Customized Design – Designed to suit your specific requirements, promote your branding and enhance shelf appeal with an extensive range of stick pack dimensions and formulation options. Options to develop child-resistant or senior friendly opening features.
  • Improved Patient Experience – Unique, compact, convenient patient centric solution for easy administration of a uniform unit dose leading to improve compliance
  • Versatile – Innovative packaging solutions for the uniform dosing of powders, granules, multi-particulates, pellets and minitablets. Capabilities for formulating high doses of actives, including different API combinations, modified release mechanisms, taste-masking and mouth-feel improvements.

With full-service formulation, manufacturing, and packaging capabilities, Catalent offers FlexDose℠ Services for a comprehensive solution for bringing stick pack products to market.   With more than a decade of experience in stick pack development, Catalent is your ideal partner for your product’s success at every stage – from preformulation to development to commercial supply.