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OmegaZero® Microemulsion Technology


As the first company that encapsulated Omega-3 fish oil products in 1934, Catalent is proud to introduce our new OmegaZero® Fish Oil technology. This patented technology is designed to overcome consumer challenges with Omega-3s, such as fishy burps, foul odor and aftertaste.

As the leading innovator of softgel technologies, Catalent has over 80 years of track record in softgel formulation development, delivery and supply to the global Consumer Health market. OmegaZero® technology delivers odorous oils in a micro-emulsified formulation that is designed to increase surface absorption. With OmegaZero® Technology, the odoriferous oil is emulsified in the gut instead of forming a layer on the surface of the gastric juice. This significantly reduces the contact surface of the oil with air. The oil smell is further masked by essential oils.

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  • Due to its small droplet size, the micro-emulsion increases surface absorption
  • Odoriferous oil is emulsified in the gut instead of forming a layer on the surface of the gastric juice, which reduces fishy burp episodes
  • Flavored oils in the fill provide enhanced taste masking for challenging ingredients
  • Potential to enhance chewable and twist-off products

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  • Improved palatability for odoriferous oils such as fish oil and garlic oil
  • Micro-emulsion helps achieve maximum desired effect
  • Application to other dose forms such as chewable and twist-off softgels, makes the technology appealing for children and older consumers

Ideal for Multiple Product Categories & Consumer Groups

With its potential to reduce fish burps and improve consumer compliance, OmegaZero® technology is well-suited for a broad range of product categories and fill types.

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  • Heart Health
  • Brain Health
  • Eye Health
  • Joint Health

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  • Nutritional Oils
  • Multivitamins
  • Minerals
  • Poorly Soluble Ingredients

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All of our sites are subject to annual review so we can remain in compliance with cGMP, FDA, EMA, and locally accredited softgel facilities.