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The Insights & Technologies to Accelerate VMS Growth in 2023

Summary: Over the past 12 months, consumers have exited the pandemic-driven lifestyle into their ‘new norm,’ only to enter directly into a different phase of disruption due to macroeconomic conditions. This combination of higher prices, lower disposable income, and life priorities that were likely refreshed during lockdown, is changing how consumers interact with the Vitamins, Minerals, and Supplements (VMS) market. What they will prioritize in terms of categories, brands, products, and experiences all have to be considered when mapping how to grow for the foreseeable future. When every dollar is scrutinized, innovation will play a crucial role in helping brands position themselves as ‘essential’ for consumers, so having the right innovation and supply partner is paramount to success.

Join experts from SPINs and Catalent’s Consumer Health business to learn how consumers are thinking about their purchasing priorities, their health in the post-pandemic time, the delivery technologies they are prioritizing, and how this collection of insights can come together to drive innovation and accelerated growth for your VMS brand.

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